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Each weeks music worship/sermon link will be posted below:

Ok, we have Sunday School! I was able to get us a Sunday School lesson through Ligonier. They are very good and solid Bible teachers (though they are not Christian Church, they are very conservative and biblical, I will point out any areas that we might tend to disagree with them).

I am including a link that you will need to sign up. Just click on the link and create an account. Each week you will be able to watch the lesson, join in discussions, answer questions and take a quiz at the end. Keep track of how many gold star stickers you earn.

You can do each week’s lesson up to Friday and then we will a new lesson. This will be a great way for us to study the Bible together until we can meet again.

Ligonier Sunday School Lesson Link

Weekly Events:

  • Wednesday Night Activities: Fellowship Meal @ 6; Lessons for all ages 6:45
  • Indoor Soccer (for all skills and abilities) – Thursdays 7-9 (Adults)
  • Boot Camp Workout (for ladies) – Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7 ($4 per time)

Current Sermon Series: The Gospel of Matthew: The King and His Kingdom


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March 22 Bulletin