Prayer Page

Prayer Requests

Adayla: (Jess’s friend, 12 yr. old with cancer)

Mary Ann (Jess’s friend, brain surgery)

Richard Archer (Brown’s co-worker, health concerns)

Florence Baesler (health concerns, at Sayre Village)

Della Baker (Wayne Hunter’s niece, health concerns)

Emily Baldwin (Henderson’s daughter, health concerns)

Vin Black (Jane Osman’s cousin, hospice care)

Ruby Carter (Jane Osman’s friend, health concerns)

Chrissy Cotton (Lisa K.’s friend, cancer)

Mike Flynn (health concerns)

Brent Gee (Hunter’s friend, health concerns)

Janet (Tom’s friend, cancer)

Wanda Hatfield (Lois S.’s relation: cancer)

Janie Hillard (Hunter’s friend, mother has cancer)

Carl Hogg (Karen Gibbon’s brother, cancer)

Donald Hunter (Wayne’s son, health concerns)

James Hunter (Wayne’s son, health concerns)

Aubrey Neuland (Eric’s cousin, congenital heart disease)

Jackie Peterson (Blood clots)

Traci Piovesan (friend of Jane Osman, pancreatic cancer)

Scott Ramsey (Tonja Hunter’s son, health concerns)

Miles Reeder (friend of Kendricks, health concerns)

Betty Rhodus family (funeral tomorrow)

Barry Ritchey (Maxine Guilfoil’s brother, Hospice)

Lori Sanford (cancer)

Mary Anne Sargent (health concerns)

Detta Smith (Tonja Hunter’s sister, health concerns)

Harold Stivers (MS complications)

Rita Spencer (Sissy’s sister, surgery last week)

Dan Thatcher (heart issues)

Rick Turner (neighbor of Hunters, ill health)

Kat Wilcox (Jess Byers’ friend, health concerns)